Orly Nail Art

Another one to add to the pile!


I have literally just done these babies! They turned out so well that I couldn’t wait to blog about them! This is the first time that I have really used Orly polishes and I have to admit that I quite like them! The couple that I have are minis which my lovely friend Sam gave me as a Christmas present – the babe! The colours are Faint of Heart and Prelude to a Kiss. You definitely need 2 coats for full opacity. I used Glistening Snow from China Glaze for the sparkle



This is a bit of a mishmash design. I knew I wanted polkadots but having them on only 2 fingers looked a bit daft so I jazzed them up with a glitter tip!

I am so chuffed with these! Even more so because I was having a pretty rubbish night when I decided to go to bed, do my nails and watch The Mentalist. Ian is away in nightshift which I absolutely hate. He is so inconsiderate saving lives through the night! Just goes to show that have pretty nails can really turn a frown upside down šŸ™‚

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