Caviar Nails

I have been meaning to try this out for AGES! I bought the MUA constellation in Pieces before Christmas and I never found the chance to use it until today. For those of you who are not aware of MUA, it is a brand of makeup found at Superdrug which makes products at affordable prices. Recently they have started a a line of nail products including a range of polishes and nail art treatments. This post focuses on the Constellation collection, in particular the colour Pieces.


This is MUA’s answer to the Ciate caviar nails manicure set. It is simply a little bottle filled with tiny little balls in a pink, gold and turquoise colour.

When I first put this on my nails I was obsessed. it is just soooo pretty! The application is really simple but you have to remember do it over a container to catch all of the excess balls. These can then be put back in the bottle for the next use. I painted a base coat of essie’s blanc and then left to dry. I then painted a second coat on each nail individually. Quickly u sprinkled the beads over the nail and then pressed down on them with my finger ever so slightly to set them in place.


There is the downside though… After 10 minutes they are so annoying!! I ended up picking them off within an hour.


This is a great mani if you were going out for the night and wanted something gorgeous and dramatic. Otherwise it is a bit of a nightmare for a day to day basis.

I regret nothing.


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