When life hands you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry nails.

I was skeptical. How can dipping your nails in a pot of fluff be at all appealing? Well… It is.

After trying out this mani I can confirm that I’m a HUGE fan of fur effect nails! MUA have recently brought out their own version and after their impressive take on caviar nails, I decided to try it out! I used the colour Boo Boo Fluff (I think) with a blue polish underneath by Barry M.
It’s very simple, and quite fun to do! Simply paint a coat of the polish (I would recommend 2 coats if your polish is a bit thinner – the one I used was pretty thick), and quickly sprinkle the fur over the wet nail. There are a few ways to get the fur out of the pot bit I found the easiest to be removing the plastic filter and then sprinkling it over the lid to catch any excess. I then tapped of the excess fluff into the pot and tidied up with a fan brush! Simples!


Anyway I am a big fan of this mani and will def do it again! May even invest in some other colours!


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