My live-in lover turns 23 next week, so as an early birthday present I took him to a basketball game! A bit random, I know, considering that we live in Glasgow and Scotland is not renowned for its b-ball teams, but Ian is a big fan of American basketball and was chuffed to bits with this gift. I found the tickets on itson and they were too good a deal to pass up so with my thrifty little hat on we went on Sunday 3rd Feb to see the Glasgow Rocks take on the London Lions! ImageThe game started off pretty slowly but soon picked up the pace! At first we kind of made fun of the situation considering the Scottish side was made up of average-height white guys (love a racial stereotype) and the whole atmosphere of the place was nothing like the games you see on TV. I genuinely thought that I would go there and sit court side like a Kardashian – how wrong I was. It was in one of the smaller arenas of the new Emirates stadium which has been built in Glasgow in preparation for the Commonwealth Games so getting to see the inside was actually quite cool in itself. The team also had their own Cheerleaders who were quite good, if a tad repetitive.ImageAll in all it was a fab night! The Rocks won with a nail biting final second 3-pointer to end the game on 69-66. We all cheered and everyone left in a great humor.

ImageOh, and I also made Ian buy me a foam finger. Wins all round!!



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