Valentines Nail Art

I am very much feeling the love today after my surprise gift of a skiing mini-break set for next weekend which I mentioned in my last post, so I decided to do some Valentines day inspired nail art.

photo (2)

This is such a cute design and really simple to do! I was really just messing around and before I knew it I had painted my middle finger gold and was onto the others. I used a larger dotting tool to do the little hearts in contrasting colours and then a smaller ended one to try to straighten up the edges. They aren’t as neat as I would like them to be but never mind! I Used Essie Blank for the off white colour and Secret Stash for the pink. Then added a China Glaze gold glitter from their Christmas 2012 collection called Angel Wings. The glitter doesn’t really have a base colour in it so I found that I needed 3-4 coats for this full coverage. Same goes for the pink – it needs 3 coats for full opacity but the white was done in 2.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am off shopping with my Mum (who is referred to as Kaka) in Glasgow on Saturday! The rest of my weekend will be spent playing copious amounts of World of Warcraft because Ian is working and he won’t be there to give me the judgement eye. WIN!

Lupinfanger out x


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