If you have a shopping trolley, don’t go to the self-service checkout – An open letter.

I enjoy all kinds of shopping – clothes, cosmetics, unnecessary hauls. The only kind of shopping that I can’t enjoy for lack of trying is a food shopping trip. The blatant disregard of structure in a supermarket fills me with blind rage. What is it with people who think it is acceptable to go through the self-service checkout with a full shopping trolley? Now, granted there are no specific, shop-appointed signs that mention this fact, but if you are one of these people, I beg of you LOOK AROUND at your fellow self-scan patrons. Do you see a trolley? I can guarantee that you are the only one with the audacity to commit such a crime.

Ah, I hear the rumblings of a counter argument: What if the person has a trolley because they’re old?

To this I simply say, no. There is no valid argument there. The point of a self-scan is to assist the flow of main check-out traffic. Older patrons who can’t manage to carry a basket of goods have no business being at there. In my book – too old to hold a basket = too slow for self-scan. Now, for those who think me ageist, I implore you to take my Nana as a case in point. She will be 70 in September and I have never met a sprightlier woman. She knows her limits but can keep pace with the best of them. Obviously not everyone is as fit as my Nana, but I can guarantee that if the day comes where she can no longer manage a basket, she will happily take her place in line at the main, staff-assisted checkout.

So, to those of you who rock up to those appealing machines with your full trolleys, please take a minute to consider this plea. I’m not trying to be rude or unfair; I just don’t want to hate you with every bone in my body while you potter about. I know it’s a novelty, but it’s a novelty for a time when you only have a few bits and pieces. No one needs to see you hulk a multipack of 16 toilet rolls through the scanner. Leave that for a big shop.

Supermarkets of Britain, I appeal to you today to enforce the “No Trolley Policy” at your self-scan checkouts. Do it for your country. Do it for your customers. Do it for yourselves.



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