Taking it seriously

I just ordered my first set of Personal Business Cards 😀 I bought them from Vistaprint because I got an offer through which gave me 250 cards plus a card holder for free. I had to pay for delivery but it was only a few pounds which I think was really reasonable as the cost of the total order. Here is a preview of what I bought.


I am really pleased with this offer. The delivery estimate is quite a long time, 14 days, but I am in no rush for these so more than willing to wait. The way that Vistaprint organises the shopping experience is to give you something for free and then before you can actually get to the check you, you need to go through 10 different pages worth of additional products and services. Now, I really don’t agree with this type of e-commerce but as a somewhat thrifty shopper, I was willing to endure this endless onslaught to get an (almost) freebie.


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