Why won’t my iPhone tell me how much money I can spend?

I would very much like for someone to come up with an app which would handle my finances. It can’t be that hard for all the app creators out there? I just want it to be able to tell me how much money I can spend each month whilst taking into account my upcoming debits. When you first get the app you input all of the items which come out of your bank on a set date and the amounts. Then it syncs to your bank account so that whenever you spend/take out money. it gives you a live update of your balance minus what you will still have to pay out. This would avoid any shock when you look at your account for the first time in 2 weeks and realise that you will be living on oatcakes for the rest of the month. APP CREATORS OF THE WORLD – MAKE THIS AND I WILL BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.



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