NOTD and the plan for this week

I got dem Monday blues…

I am embodying the Grumpy Cat today because my weekend went too damn fast. I was a Productive Polly and organised my life/flat/boyfriend/spare room and also went out for a friends Birthday and seen the Great Gatsby (more on that in a minute), and I know that these are all good things! But there was not one minute where I could simply veg and watch the Food Network. I really did miss Nigella, Anna and Ina.

So that is why I have found myself in the least productive mindset today. It’s quite upsetting cause I’m usually buzzing about, making lists, taking names etc. But today, I just can’t seem to muster the energy. MEH.

So on Saturday my man friend took me to see the Great Gatsby and I actually died. If you haven’t read my post on films to see this year go and check it out, the film was exactly what I expected and more. In my personal opinion, I still don’t think that Carey Mulligan was totally right for the part of Daisy, but she did a good job nonetheless and it kind of made me take a bit more notice of here. Previously she was just a waif that I had no time for, but the way she fired vaguely disguised insults at Tom Buchanan was right on the money so she is A-OK in my book. The set and costumes were to die for and the tiffany jewels took centre stage, without being obnoxious. I think it completely embodied the book for all it’s opulence and shallowness the way F. Scott Fitzgerald intended it to be. Finally, if everything else was rubbish (which it totally wasn’t), Leo’s portrayal of Gatsby would have made up for it in spades. He really gave some extra oomph to Gatsby’s agony and he looked totes amazeballs.

So enough on that, my blog plan for this week is to talk about the Race for Life at Glasgow Green which I am taking part in, and a possible craft project to go along with that (shocker). For now, I will leave you with a cheeky wee shot of my Nails of the Day (NOTD) – a Manic Dotticure. Enjoy! BG x

Manic Dotticure
Manic Dotticure

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