‘You can Run!’ They said… ‘It will be easy!’ They said…

Race for Life

I am signed up to run 5Km on Sunday. This probably doesn’t seem like much to you regular people, and I envy you beyond comprehension if you can manage this with ease. I am afflicted with an allergy to exercise  Yes, it is a self-diagnosed allergy, but does that make it any less serious? Honestly, I am not built to run. I am short and stocky, with a set of resized jugs that will genuinely take my eyes out if they are not harnessed effectively.

It all started when I joined the health kick at my previous place of employment. I was totally up for it in the beginning, I mean how hard could it really be if I put in the correct training and dedication? What I failed to take into account was my aptitude for procrastination. Really I was setting myself up for a fail. So a few months passed, I changed jobs and basically forgot about the whole thing. Fast forward and we were only 4 WEEKS UNTIL RACE DAY and I hadn’t done a damn bit of training. But my overall health was pretty good so at least that’s a starting point, right? WRONG. I have a diet coke addiction that it almost clinical and a live-in boyfriend who is rake thin and eats like a horse. I basically consumed ALL THE FOODS and I was doomed. My metabolism is about as fast as a pensioner with a gammy hip. I was in deeeeeeep do-do.

I had notice the weight creeping on as soon as I moved in with Ian as I honestly have no self-control when it comes to tasty treats. He doesn’t get a chance to eat very much during the day so the house is always stocked with high calorie tsnacks and its always BIG portions at dinner time. I realised that I was in such a rut so I gave myself a big ol’ shake and decided that this was the time to get into shape. I find that if I have a deadline, whether it be in my work or personal life, I will always meet it. On my CV it states that I work best under pressure and that is the truest statement written on the damn thing. I dived head first into running with all my might and I absolutely hated it. My joints were aching, I felt light headed and I was constantly getting shooting pains up and down my shins, but I persisted. Then, I was T-3 weeks and something clicked. I actually started enjoying going out for a run. I found a route which was pretty level and I would stop there on my way home from work. Gradually, I felt my stamina improving, and I was running for longer periods and walking when I felt my heart was going to give out. Unfortunately, at the start I set myself a completely unattainable target of completing the race in 37 minutes (ha)! The slightly more realistic time is 47 minutes but I’ve realised that I would even be proud of that.

So, not only am I running the Race for Life for my own health and wellbeing, I’m running it to raise money for an amazing charity. I have known many people who have suffered from cancer, some of whom are still around today, and others sadly are not. Possibly the hardest decision I’ve had to make about this race is who’s name I will write on the back of my shirt. who am I running for? I’ve decided that there are too many people who I want to pay tribute to so I’ve decided to run for EVERYONE.

Internet, if you can spare a couple of pounds, euros, dollars, yen, rupees, krona, pesos whatever you have to donate to this amazing charity that helps so many, then please follow this link to sponsor myself and Team Trodat. Every single penny goes straight to Race for Life and it is safe and secure. We can make a difference.

BG x


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