Guest Blogger with a Twist

I would like to formally introduce my guest blogger for today, Mr Khal Drogo!

Hi everyone 🙂 Amy has asked me to do a guest post for her blog so I thought that I would show you how the other half live. Without further ado, welcome to my crib.


This is my humble abode and as you can see it’s a 3 level detached dwelling with all the amenities a single bachelor like me could ask for. Let’s take a tour! On the top level is the workout area. This is where I condition my body to be in tip-top physical condition. The running wheel is a punishing piece of equipment, but let me tell you, you don’t get a body like this without putting the work in.

The second story consists on my lounge area. I like to come up here and just chill out with some nuts and a salt wheel. I have a housekeeper and a personal chef, and they help me out by stocking up on food and beverages, and making sure the place is looking good for when the ladies come round.

On the first floor is my personal bedroom – this is where the magic happens 😉 The bed is custom made and I have the bedding completely replaced every week. Access to the en suite is from the bedroom and there’s an area for entertaining. I love the calming blue décor in this space.


Finally on the ground level we have the kitchen and general living area. I know you guys wanna see what’s in my fridge.


I have distilled mineral water on tap and I always keep a bottle of Dom on hand. The living area has a full library as I consider myself a well-read individual. The flooring is 100% real wood shavings and I have several of my own artworks hanging in the foyer.

So that’s it from me! I hope you enjoyed the tour of my crib. It’s been a pleasure guesting on Amy’s blog! I’m sure you will hear from me again.

A big thank you to Drogo for that informative piece! Makes a nice change from pictures of my chubby fingers (thanks mum).


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