5 Phase Eight Picks

I spotted this competition hosted by Phase Eight on their blog and i just had to get involved! I’m quite a fan of this particular brand and I have some of their basics. I always find that they are really good quality and i don’t mind spending a bit more on a jumper or a top when I know that it won’t lose its shape after a rumble in the washing machine. Anyway, here are my top 5 picks for a Phase Eight summer wardrobe!

Fun Fact: I owe getting my first graduate job to a little phase eight number.


1. Maxi Skirts are so versatile and this Jasmine Chevron one is no exception! This is the perfect thing to throw on if you’re just nipping to the shop for a lolly. you can even hitch it up and wear it as a midi-dress if like me you are on the shorter side. 

2.This is a great piece of jewellery for these summer months! It will basically go with everything and will quickly jazz up an outfit without adding too much. 

3. I love the colour of the Mimi Silk Dress – so summery and the perfect length for a warm night dining in a remote taverna. Someone get me to Greece ASAP! 

4. I’m a blondie and I always love wearing teal as (I think) it makes my hair pop so the Billie Jersey Hi-Lo Hem Dress is so my cup of tea! The style is so versatile too! Dress it up with heels, or go with filpflops to make a super chique travelling outfit. 

5. Yes you may think I’ve gone totally bonkers as I have added this Ladder Tassle Scarf into this heady mix but bare with me! I always like to take a scarf on holidays with me. They fold up into nothing and can be used on a multiple of occasions. For example, I like to take one for when I’m sitting in the sun as I can wrap it around my head and save my scalp from getting burnt to a crisp! It’s also good if it gets a bit chilly at night – instant coverup!

So there we have it! My favourite pieces for a Phase Eight summer wardrobe. If you would like to enter, you can find out some more information here. Happy Hunting!


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