I’m on the telly!

Ok, so I’m not on the actual telly, but I can be on your computer screen! I use that as a telly so the title isn’t that misleading…

You can get lots more Boldly Gold content over on my YouTube channel. Lately I have been heavily invested in making hauls. This is not to say that I have an infinite amount of cash-dough-money-dollazzz, it’s just that I went on holiday and desperately needed appropriate clothes. This doesn’t really justify basically having a playlist dedicated to TK Maxx hauls but ho-hum.

Feel free to click this juicy link which will take you directly to my YouTube channel where you can laugh at me talking rubbish and raving about my Labelmaker. I also have an entire playlist dedicated to Birchbox reviews. Now steady on, there’s no need to rush all at once 😉


Sorry for the crappy picture 🙂




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