Bargain of the Week

Hey you crazy kids! This is a little quick post to highlight my bargain of the week! For those of you who are not in the know, I have a monthly subscription to Birchbox and I am a massive fan of their whole set-up. Every month I receive a box full of beauty goodies and then I pop along to their website and review all of the products. In return for these reviews, Birchbox gives me reward points which can be redeemed in their online shop. I have been saving up my points for a while and I very recently passed the 200 mark which equates to £20.00 to spend! When I seen this I knew it was time to splurge, but wait, the plot thickens…

I received an email from Birchbox with a 20% off voucher to celebrate my 6 month subscription! SCORE! Off I trotted to the site and there I spy this lush eye shadow palette.


It was the perfect price for me at £26.00 so then I went to check out and the delivery cost was also deducted along with my 20% discount! Apparently if you buy something from the brands featured in this month’s box then you receive free shipping. This brought the total price of my item down to a mere 80p! 80p for a whole eye shadow palette! I was simply aghast.

Here's my checkout summary to prove it :)
Here’s my checkout summary to prove it 🙂

Ladies and gentleman, I dare you to beat my bargain of the week.



2 thoughts on “Bargain of the Week

  1. 80p! Now that is a bargain, such lovely beauty products too. I really like the colour palate that you selected, some really nice colours there. Fantastic link up to Bagging a Bargain and I’m looking forward to reading your future blog posts.


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