6 Months In – My Thoughts on Birchbox

If you don’t know what Birchbox is then here is some background before we delve into the depths. Birchbox is a subscription service which delivers a box of sample-sized products to your door every month. The samples are all beauty-related; make-up, cleansing products, soaps, hair care, nail polish… the list is endless. Birchbox UK was originally named Joliebox and was acquired by the Birchbox company (based in NYC) in September 2012. From January 2013, Joliebox changed their name to Birchbox UK and I signed up in February.

I received my first Birchbox in February 2013, so to date I have had 6 instalments. I think that I’m at a point where I can give my honest review on their products, service, delivery, presentation and everything else that you might need to know if you plan to commit to a beauty box subscription.  Before Birchbox, or BBB as I like to refer to that time in my life, I would waste A LOT of money on products that I thought looked good, but in fact were awful. Birchbox gives me a way to try out new products without spending (and possibly wasting) the big bucks. It also give me access to products that I can’t really buy on the British High Street. Saying this, there have been some hits and some misses. For instance, June’s box was spectacular, whilst April left a lot to be desired.

I have to say that overall I find this service very helpful. I know some people are subscribed to many different beauty boxes but I find that I only really need Birchbox. They are pretty consistent with the quality of their products and they are usually very varied which is always nice. Last month (June) they updated their branding which I think is much better 🙂 I find that my box arrives around the 17th to 20th of the month and the delivery man leaves it outside my door. Now, I’m not sure if this happens to everyone but I think that BB give instructions to delivery drivers not to take it back to a post office if nobody’s in to collect it. This is perfect for me as I have lovely neighbours, but if you live in a dicey neighbourhood you may want to request that they leave it in your blue bin or something like that 🙂

The company also gives you the opportunity to buy the products featured in their boxes via their website. Now you might be thinking that you could probably find them cheaper somewhere else online, and I’m all for bargain hunting, but they actually have a rewards points scheme which is pretty damn good. Basically 100 points = £10 to spend in their shop and these points are so easy to accumulate by filling out reviews of the products in your box on their site. I have been saving my points up and have just bought The Balm Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette which you can read more about in this post. (pssst, I also got it for an incredible price with free delivery :)). My next purchase will most definitely be the RMK Cleansing Balm.

This stuff is amazing!!!
This stuff is amazing!!!

If you would like detailed reviews about all of my previous boxes than you can head over to my YouTube channel where there is a playlist dedicated to all things BB!

For £12.95 a month including delivery I think this is a great service. If I didn’t use Birchbox I know I would be out blindly buying and trying full-sized products, not knowing if they were any good. It always feels like such a treat to come home to a lovely box of surprises each month!


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