My DVD Organisation

This has been a post on my to-do list for quite some time now. Over the years I have accumulated a pretty substantial DVD collection which has always been housed in a big wooden stand which came with my first flat. Now, as we expand more into Blu-ray the hutch no longer accommodates all of the cases. I did a bit of research online for more efficient ways to store DVDs and I happened across She had a great video on her YouTube channel detailing her way of storing her DVD collection. I’ve taken this idea and adapted it slightly to fit in with my needs and now we have a system which is easy to navigate and saves space!


I am in love with this new system and it lets me utilise a pretty box that I bought from TK Maxx a while ago 🙂 So what tools did I use? For this project I needed plastic DVD sleeves, sticky tabs, some boxes for storage and my trusty label maker – that’s it!

I set about the task of transferring each DVD to a sleeve and then labelling it appropriately. I have to say this took A LOT of time. Thankfully I quite enjoy a monotonous task from time to time and I pretty much did this whilst working my way through old series of Criminal Minds. Time well spent I think!

I had to decide what kind of order I was going to keep my DVDs in. Now, there are a few options for this: Alphabetical, chronological, genre, director, actors etc. I decided to stick with the alphabetical ordering system as I have been using it for years and it worked out pretty well. Thankfully I had the foresight to not mix up the DVDs before I started this process so everything was pretty much in alphabetical order anyway (Hazzah!)

Then when everything was labelled and alphabetised, I split the DVDs up into sections and separated these with my favourite sticky tabs stuck to empty sleeves. I cut a piece of card to size and slipped it into the empty sleeve to make it more durable as a marker. This makes it easier for me to navigate the mass of packets. I also separated feature films from TV series – just a personal preference.


Now that my DVD’s are housed out of the way I can make use of this hutch for other things. I may even get rid of it as it is just one more piece of furniture that I don’t need! We still have some cases lying around as Ian was mortally offended when I suggested integrating is Xbox games into this system. Console games are a slightly different ball game though as if you want to trade them in, you need the original case. Maybe I can convince him over to the organised side one day…

Finally, I will leave you with some tips that I picked up along the way 🙂

  • Make sure you have enough supplies to finish the project. I thought I did and  ought enough sleeves for one per case. The problem here was when I had TV series and I needed more than one sleeve to fit them all in. Cue me cruising the Tescos of Glasgow trying to find the same sleeves.
  • On a similar note, I managed to fit as many as 3 DVD’s in one sleeve. This came in handy for series and special edition DVDs.
  • After going through everything, I realised that I had multiples of some DVDs. I did a good deed and passed these onto my local charity shop (pats self on the back)
  • Wondering what to do with all of those empty cases now? Stick them on Freecycle or ebay! They go like hotcakes and you can read about my Freegle experience soon.
  • I highly recommend pairing the labelling part of this project with your favourite TV series. I like having something to do when I’m on a series binge (usually painting my nails) so this was a nice change. Although, I am an oddball who enjoys things like this.

Happy Organising 🙂


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