My First Freegle Experience

If you don’t know what Freegle is, then please let me enlighten you 🙂 It is kind of like a community forum for people in your area to advertise items that they may no longer want or need. These items are always given away for free to someone who has a better use for them. Users can also post ads for things that they are looking for.

Now, if you’re one of the 58 people who follow my blog (I love you all) you may already know that I am moving house soon and to make that easier on everyone involved, I need to downsize my hoard of stuff. This included finding more space-saving ways to store things that I don’t want to throw away, for example my DVD collection. You can read more about how I did this in this post. In short I went from having over 200 DVDs in individual cases to now storing them in sleeves inside a decorative box. Go me!!


After I categorised, organised and labelled each and every DVD I had all of these empty cases left! I thought about selling them on Ebay but after a quick search it didn’t seem economically viable. I posted them on Freegle Paisley thinking I would be lucky if anyone wanted 10 of them. Within the next 6 hours I had 4 replies! One particular user was looking for every case that I had as she was making a DVD to raise money for a local charity. I emailed her back and the next thing I knew she was at my front door to collect them!


I think this is a great service, although I was a bit nervous and wary at first. I’m one for picturing the worst case scenario, so in my head every other user on Freegle was basically the next Craigslist Killer. The Freegle Flayer, if you will. Obviously this is not the case as I am still in one piece. The lady who took my cases was delightful and she is doing a wonderful thing for charity. I’m just glad I could help!

Are you a Freegler or even a Freecycler? Let me know your stories in the comments below!


One thought on “My First Freegle Experience

  1. Well done missy. Doing your bit for charity. So proud 🙂 you will have to show me how to do the same with the Uphall local community. I could fill a skip with unwanted goods – all your dad’s stuff lol X

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