A Weekend with Friends

I spent this past weekend back in my home town catching up with some very old, some may say ancient, friends. We all met up to say bon voyage to a chum who is off to Malta for a work placement – whoever is in charge of those logistics has the right idea!

I went to school in quite a small town and this is where I met my two best friends. You can read a bit more about these lads here, but they are 2 of my favourite people in the whole wide world. Here we are before we went out on Saturday night.


Robyn is a humanitarian who likes to travel to distant countries to meet orphans and save the world. Kelly is just back from Africa where she helped set up a school. She is also narcoleptic with an unfulfilled passion for cheese. It goes without saying that I am immensely proud of these two do-gooders. I wish I had the go-getum to help out in a third world country, instead I just craft. I live a vicarious charitable life though them.

I had an absolutely fantastic time seeing all my old school chums. We had too many cocktails and I had a dance off in the middle of a nightclub called YOLO. Well, you only do live once.
The rest of the weekend was spent hanging something fierce with my mum and dad. I curled my hair and we went out to dinner with my brother where I enjoyed a cheese-less pizza and some high-spirited conversation.

All in all it was an absolutely wonderful weekend 🙂


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