A Right Nail Horror Show

There has been a severe lack of nail polish and nail art posts on this here blog as of late. Don’t worry; I’ve not abandoned my roots! I still cherish my polish stash and love painting my nails, however my nails don’t seem to love me back 😦 3 weeks ago I removed the remnants of a beautiful neon pink to discover that my nails were not only tinged yellow, but were peeling and felt bruised when I pressed them! There was also some staining from an ill-conceived tryst with a turquoise hue without protection (a base coat). My nails were in dire need of a break! I therefore resigned myself to a polish time out. My nails would be completely bare until I could see an improvement. It has taken 3 weeks and now they are back to being healthy and strong. I know why this happened. I can honestly say that for the past 4 months the only time my nails have been bare is the 5 minutes between taking old polish off and putting a new colour on.

Now, you may think that this little story of woe is not really worth blogging about but I beg to differ. It was so difficult not to paint my nails! I hated looking at them for the first week because they were so ugly! I sated my cravings by religiously massaging cuticle butter onto my poor nail beds, followed by a healthy slathering of hand cream. I know OPI have a wonderful formula in Nail Envy but I didn’t even put this on as my nails just needed to breathe! So now we’re 3 weeks on, there have been no breakages and my nails have never felt stronger! Tonight, whilst catching up on True Blood, I will be treating myself to some long-awaited nail art designing which I’m sure will be posted on here momentarily, but for now I leave you with a healthy lookin’ set o’ nails.



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