The Moving Series: Packing Up

I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks until moving day! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little series as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it 🙂

This week, I want to talk about packing. I love packing so this has been a complete joy for me. I associate packing with organising and who doesn’t love a good clear out! This started a while ago with cleaning out of our wardrobes and creating vast piles designated for the charity shop and the skip. There is absolutely no point in wasting energy moving things to a new place that you no longer want or need so I was totally ruthless. I may have reduced Ian to tears at one point.

There are a few items that I’ve used to help up pack up and the first one is, surprise surprise, cardboard boxes. Great for all manner of things, I don’t really need to tell you the value of cardboard.


Secondly are vacuum storage bags. Seriously, these are amazing! I found them at Poundland for, yes, a pound each and the come in several different sizes. These are great for packing up and storing out of season clothes like heavy jackets and ski wear. (Yes I own ski wear. I am that guy).


Another essential packing item is heavy-duty recycling bags. We have the ones below and they are perfect for packing books! Ian has about 513958564821635962 medical textbooks and those puppies weigh a TONNE! We can actually fill these to the brim with books and then slide them into the lift! It does take two people to lift them but it would be the same with a box and there’s less chance of them falling out the bottom this way 🙂


For packing materials I refuse to pay for bubble wrap. Instead, I have wrapped all of the few breakable things that we own in scarves! Also, I’ve ripped up Ian’s old copies of the BMJ and used that as packing paper. This way our things won’t be covered in newspaper print – ideal!


Finally, the best tip that I’ve received comes courtesy of Pinterest! When packing up your clothes, don’t bother to put them in suitcases – take a (clean) bin bag, make a small hole in the bottom and pull the hangers (with the clothes still attached to them) through! It keeps everything together and you can label accordingly 🙂


If you have any packing tips I would love to hear them!!


8 thoughts on “The Moving Series: Packing Up

  1. All these are brilliant packing tips!! I might be doing a bit of moving myself so this is so helpful!
    I was on the fence about using vacuum storage bags but after seeing this I’m convinced that they’re my best bet when packing heavy clothes.
    xx Del

      1. I have always wondered if the vacuum bags are really useful or just a gimmick. I finally bought some just yesterday because my daughter is packing for a semester of study abroad. Glad to hear they are a good deal.

  2. Love the bag and scarf idea! I have to say though I hope I never ever have to move again. It’s a pain in the ass lol. But organization and labeling is definitely key.

  3. Great tips – especially that last one.
    I recently helped my sister move and well, it would have been a lot easier/quicker if she had known a few of these!

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