DIY Dressing Gown Upgrade


I’ve been on the hunt for a new dressing gown FOREVER. Slight exaggeration, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in any shop ever. You see, the requirements were quite specific…

  • It had to hit me just at the knee (I’m short)
  • It had to have pockets (I carry about a lot of crap)
  • It had to have a hood (I like to feel cosy)
  • It had to have a nice print or design (I’m a fashionable soul, you know)
  • It had to be light-weight and not too warm (I’m a generally hot person ;))

Try as I might, I could not find a robe which fit all of these specifications! I nearly gave up when I realised that I could just customise a one to fit my needs – a real light bulb moment for me. So, when I was in Tesco last week I spotted a lush dressing gown, with a nice print and hood with fleecy lining, which I snapped up like a hot cake!

So, how did I turn this already lovely item into the most perfect dressing gown ever I hear you cry? Well luckily, I took a few photos to show you 🙂

First off, I cut about half a foot off the bottom (told you I was short) and left an inch seam allowance. With this extra fabric, I cut 2 small pieces which would eventually be the pockets. I know I probably should have measured everything properly but aint nobody got time for that! I just eyeballed the measurements and figured that as long as my hand could fit in, it would be just fine.


Then I just hemmed the bottom of the robe. Now, the seam is not exactly straight but it’s only going to be me wearing it (unless Ian feels a bit fancy). I’m still a total novice sewer! Sorry to any profesh sewers out there who are cringing at my nonchalance.

Love This Guy

Once the hem was all set, I started on the pockets. If there’s one thing I learned from it’s that it is imperative that you iron down your seams! Also, pins and a cute pin cushion will be your best friend.


After I learned the hard way, I ironed my seams and pinned them like a good girl then sewed around the 3 edges to make my pockets! Again I just eyeballed where to place them and it totally worked out fine! Here’s to a half-assed job!


So there’s the finished product. I am super happy with how it turned out! The original dressing gown cost £18, but to me it’s now worth much more than that because it’s totally perfect! ANNNNNND with the leftover fabric I fashioned a super cute phone sleeve so I’m all matchy-matchy 😀


8 thoughts on “DIY Dressing Gown Upgrade

  1. This is such an eye opener I never think to actually change these long dressing gowns to fit, unfortunately I’m not blessed with long legs at 4ft 11 ha great idea thanks a mill (“,)

  2. Looks good!! =) Thanks for linking up at the Pinterest Power Party!! Hope you have a great weekend!


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