The Moving Series: Moving Day!


It’s moving day!!! All hands are firmly on deck in the Boldly Gold household and moving fever has hit HARD. As you’re reading this I might be crying in a corner or in the process of wrapping Ian up in packing tape – it could go either way at this point.

Thank you for joining me on this little (ahem) endeavour. Writing this post every week has really helped me cling on to some semblance of normalcy and I will be sad to see it end! But as the Harry Potter franchise came to the ultimate conclusion, so will The Moving Series.

I’ve scheduled this post to go out (as I do pretty much every post) because I have little to no faith in my internet provider. As I preached in a previous post, I gave them 2 weeks’ notice that we were moving, but whether that means everything will be switched over at the right time is another story!

In terms of all my planning, it seems to have worked out alright! All of our bills have been switched over, the council has been notified and (fingers crossed) none of the bottoms have fallen out of the boxes. I packed up my moving-day bumbag last night and I can just see it being my life saviour today.

Another thing which came to me in a moment of genius was to give myself a gel manicure! I was all set to gingerly rock bare nails for the foreseeable and then I remembered the wonders of a gel mani 😉 no chips for this lady! I have a kit of my own so it didn’t cost me a penny and now my nails are pink-glittery-perfection.


So that’s it from me, but before I go I thought I would do a roundup of all the posts over the last 8 weeks! Feel free to go back and have a look if you missed any.

The Moving Series

Where to Begin

Bills, Bills, Bills

Building a Timeline

Planning the Move

Packing Up

Cleaning House and Organising Boxes

Again thanks for keeping me sane bloggisphere, you’re a doll.


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