Filofax Organisation

I never thought I would be that person with a Filofax, but now that I have one I can’t remember how I lived before. Honestly it contains my life so completely. It’s like having a constant companion providing you with pens, paper and stickers, whilst making sure you are where you are supposed to be and being that organisational crutch that I so desperately needed.

Now, I do not believe that this is the perfect way to organise a Filofax, nor do I claim to know everything about Filofaxes. This is simply the best way for me. Feel free to use some of these ideas or customise them to suit your own needs! I am not affiliated with any of these brands, nor do I get paid to talk about them.

I have the Filofax Personal Swift organiser in the colour Sage. This size is perfect for me as it fits in my handbag and is easy for me to carry around. I actually chose this particular one because I just love the design of the cover! You see a lot of Filofaxes which are leather bound, but I prefer this fabric design (and it was also friendlier on my budget).

Filofax Personal Swift Organiser in Sage £17.00 (Amazon)
Filofax Personal Swift Organiser in Sage £17.00 (Amazon)
Filofax Personal Swift Organiser in Sage £17.00 (Amazon)

So let’s dive in with the inserts and my personal way of organising things, shall we?

When I bought the item from Amazon, it came with several inserts – • Transparent flyleaf • Personal week on two pages diary, five language (July 2013 – December 2014) • Ruler-page marker • A-Z index coloured tabs • Coloured 1-6 numbered index • Addresses • White ruled notepad • Full length plastic pocket.

The filofax itself has 5 card slots, 6 ring binder and a pen/pencil holder. Although this would be more than enough inserts to use it as a basic diary, I felt that it needed a little more customising so I went and bought a few more inserts and cute nic-naks to make it my own.

Filofax Sticky Notes £3.60 (Amazon)     Vertical Yearly Planner £1.65 (Amazon)      Filofax Personal Coloured Ruled Paper £2.75 (Paperchase)
1. Filofax Sticky Notes £3.60 (Amazon) — 2. Vertical Yearly Planner £1.65 (Amazon) — 3. Filofax Personal Coloured Ruled Paper £2.75 (Paperchase)
Coloured Stickers £0.50 (ASDA) Martha Stewart Home Office Note Tabs £3.25 (Staples) Cupcake i-clips £2.99 (Amazon)
1. Coloured Stickers £0.50 (ASDA) 2. Martha Stewart Home Office Note Tabs £3.25 (Staples) 3. Cupcake i-clips £2.99 (Amazon)

I bought the above 6 extra items to make up my filofax: A Sticky notes insert, Vertical Yearly Planner, Coloured Paper, Coloured stickers, Adjustable note tabs and magnetic bookmarks.

I imagine you will be able to decipher the use for most of these extras, but to keep you clear the sticky dots are to show which shift Ian is working and the magnetic bookmarks I use to keep together old diary pages.

From start to finish my Filofax goes something like this:

  • (Inside Cover) storing stickers, shopping coupons and vouchers, paper clips of various sizes and extra magnetic bookmarks
  • 2013 Vertical Yearly Planner – This is where I can see an overview of the holidays that we have planned, along with other big events
  • Week on 2 pages diary. This is where I jot down appointments, things to remember, birthdays, etc.
  • The plastic pocket is where I keep my coloured pens for my colour-coding system.
  • Green Paper –  I keep a note of my running sessions in this section – Date/Distance/Time/Pace – because I am such a freak.
  • Then there are dividers between sections of different coloured paper for different projects. I cut up 3 of the larger Martha Stewart notetabs and stuck them to the dividers to make it more personal to me. I wrote the tabs for these in pencil because I like to make things easiy to change. In this section I have to-do lists in white paper, Boldly Gold blog ideas and drafts on pink paper, my YouTube channel ideas on blue paper and then other business ideas on lime green paper. Then there are two empty sections as I like to have space to grow! And who doesn’t always need spare paper, right?
  • The last section is where I keep my sticky notes insert. This thing is great as it has plain small yellow sticky squares and 5 different coloured sticky tabs which co-ordinate with my note paper system. It’s like they were made for each other 🙂 I love it when a plan comes together.
  • Finally, the back of the cover has a compartment to store a notepad (more paper, YUS!) It also has a pen/pencil holder and this is where I keep my BEAUTIFUL Swarovski pen 🙂
Filofax Overview
Filofax Overview

So, finally I just want to tell you quickly about my colour-coding scheme. I use a series of pens and stickers to keep me right. I am a very visual person and I have found in the past that if I write lots of information in one colour, I tend to zone out. My notes for uni looked like a fluorescent rainbow had given birth all over them, but it made so much sense to me!

Typically I use a pink pen for my appointments and notes, a blue pen for Ian, green for birthday’s, red for things which involve both of us, orange for holidays and silver for scheduled blog posts and the like. As I said at the beginning, this works really well for me and totally calms me down when I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Do you have an organiser or diary that you couldn’t live without?


3 thoughts on “Filofax Organisation

  1. When I was a kid I always remember my Mum having a filofax and I became obsessed with them, waiting for the day I could have a filofax of my own filled with important notes and meetings. They’re so useful!

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