Maybelline Baby Lips Review

20130919-091600.jpgWell I seem to be jumping on many a beauty band wagon these days! I recently bought a couple tubes of Maybelline Baby Lips to try out and I absolutely love them!

How frustrating is it when something amazing launches in America and you want it instantly, but it takes an absolute age to make its way across the pond. Hopefully the success of these few products that have transitioned to the UK will pave the way for many more! (I’m looking at you Tarte Cosmetics)


I bought the shades Cherry Me and Pink Punch which are two of the more colourful options. There are a couple of clear choices to be had, but I already have about 2398648816748 Chapsticks so they were pointless for me.

This is definitely a lip balm product, but the colour vibrancy is something I’ve never experienced in similar products. The colour is buildable which I really like and the Cherry Me colour is particularly lush! They also taste amazing 🙂

Pink Punch on top and Cherry Me on the bottom. Pretty crappy picture, but you get the idea

For the price of £2.99 I think they are well worth it. When compared to a Nivea chapstick that I have, I would say that the texture is more slidey, but not unpleasant. I wouldn’t say that they are any more moisturising that your standard lip-salve but for me this doesn’t really matter. Also, right now Boots are having a buy one get one half price on all of their make up so I managed to pick both of these up for a mere £4.49 – super score!


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