Couples Photoshoot

For Christmas last year my aunt gave Ian and I a voucher to get professional photos taken as a couple! I was a silly sausage and basically forgot about it until a few weeks ago so I booked it up at Burlingtons Boutique in Glasgow and off we went on Saturday!

We were pretty nervous to be fair. The voucher said that we would have our hair and make-up done and then we would spend time with a professional photographer. We were told to bring 4 separate outfits with us which seemed like a lot so we took 3 instead which was just fine.

Ian really wasn’t looking forward to the whole pamper portion of our day but he was a good sport and sat diligently while a stylist put some product in his hair and a make-up artist applied (gasp) concealer to his baggy eyes. He had the cheek to say to me that he felt caked in slap!

I took a bit longer to get made up but the final result was lovely! My hair was all curled out and my make-up was applied with precision! I honestly loved every single one of the products that the lovely man used on my coupon!

Sneaky Selfie

Once we went into the studio, we had a chat with Jen the photographer about what we wanted to get out of the shoot. Having never been before we left everything in her capable hands and she did a great job. There were a few awkward moments but we eventually relaxed and had some fun! Once we had ran through our outfits and taken what felt like a million photos, it was time to have a look at the final product! We were taken into a viewing room where we were shown the full shoot and told the prices of all the different packages. I have to say I was pretty shocked at the prices and I did feel a bit pressured to buy, which I hate, but I stuck to my guns and only got 2 images which were covered by our voucher and deposit. There was no way we could afford any of the packages which we told the lady, but she just seemed to ignore us which was pretty irritating. That is my only complaint though as I had a truly fab time! We left with our images on a disk which means we can print them off as many times as we like and I am so chuffed with the result!

Standard couple shot
A bit of fun 🙂

It wouldn’t be a photoshoot without some behind the scenes Instagram shots so here you go!




2 thoughts on “Couples Photoshoot

  1. Very cool! I am surprised you got to keep the disk with the photos on it. Most places charge an arm and a leg for the photo rights or just plain don’t offer it. After all why would you buy prints (where they make their money) when you can just print them out for free? I pictures turned out really good, and you guys look like you had a blast. Although I will say you look like a good friend of mine from HS – when I first saw the picture all I could this wasy “IS that —–“ but that doesn’t look like her husband! lol

    1. Lol well maybe I have a long-lost twin out there somewhere! When we came to view all of the images they asked for £1600 for the full shoot on a disk! I was totally in shock at the price and I didn’t even like some of the photos! They charged £50 per photo but the voucher we had included one print so we ended up paying for the 2nd. There was no way I was paying for any more lol! thanks for stopping by!

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