If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen that last week I was tweeting and posting about an AMAZING bargain I sourced at TK Maxx! If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you may already know about my love of TK MAXX and this particular purchase cemented my devotion.

I found a MICHAEL KORS winter COAT for £69.99.


That’s right. I bought a designer jacket for under £70 and it is bloomin beautiful. I find it difficult to buy coats that aren’t A) too long for me, B) too wide on the shoulders and C) too tight on the breasticle area. This jacket ticks all of these boxes: It’s a fine length for a short-arse, it fits like a glove, and it zips all the way up with room to spare for a bulky jumper! I hit the winter coat jackpot!


Bearing in mind that you would probably pay a similar price for a black winter coat on the High Street I think this is a slammin’ bargain. The stitching is impeccable. The gold hardware is subtle but not flimsy and although the sleeves aren’t real leather, they look pretty damn close. No cheap PVC subs for this lady.

I looked up the original price online and it came in at around the $300 mark! I can see this doing me for many a winter to come! Now all I need to find is the perfect knee-length boots



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