Hey Fatty…

Ok so now I’ve got you’re attention with a rude salutation, listen up! If you haven’t read THIS post then you won’t know that I’m doing SHAYTOBER. You also won’t know that I want to get as many of you involved too! I want fat people to join my fat self in the quest for physical fitness. For the month of October I’ve embarked on a fitness journey with the help of Shaycarl from the Shaytards. I’ve set some goals and I desperately want to reach them by October 31st. My gorj friend Sam is joining in and I am excited to share our progress with ya’ll!

If you want to get involved, I’ve painstakingly crafted a handy blog-button for you to tell all of your followers that you’re taking this thing seriously. All you have to do is add the button somewhere on your blog and then email me (boldlygold@hotmail.com) with your goals and maybe a little smidge of info about yourself so that we can get to know each other! Lets be friends 🙂

In return you will have a support system cheering you along on your fitness journey and I will plaster your beautiful face all over this here blog to show my undying support. Grab the button and lets do this!!!

My Button


3 thoughts on “Hey Fatty…

  1. Just drawn up my workout for tonight!!!

    30 plank jacks
    30 bicycle crunches
    30 kettlebell twists
    1 minute skipping
    30 spidermans
    30 squat jumping jacks
    30 bicep curls
    1 minute high knees
    30 upright rows
    30 sec glute bridge
    30 backwards arm extension
    30 alt lunges
    30 sit ups w weights

    Repeat 3/4 times!!

    BYEBYE lbs!!

    🙂 xxx

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