Healthy Recipes

As part of my commitment (ahem) to Shaytober I’m on a healthy eating plan. I usually tend to eat quite well although there is always a crisp or a sweetie that sneaks in to my diet too often! This month I’m trying out some new ways to get a sugar fix without all of the unnecessary calories. My first stop was Pinterest and they didn’t disappoint – peanut buttery goodness galore! Another one of my favourite sites for scrummy, low-calorie meals and treats is Skinnytaste. I’ve made a few things in the past from there and everything was delicious, especially that cheesecake!

Peanut Butter Fudge // Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake // Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut Butter Fudge // Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake // Peanut Butter Cookies

With the nights drawing in I’m craving comfort food and this to me means chilli, stew and pasta! A quick search returned these amazing recipes and I especially can’t wait to try out that Jambalaya!

Jambalaya // Meat Ragu // Broccoli Pasta Salad // Baked Chicken Parmesan // Chilli Con Carne

Another major part of healthy eating that always gets me is portion control. Ian is a BIG eater (he is also stick thin) so whatever he dishes up for himself he usually gives me an equal amount and vice-versa. I’ve tried a few ways to manage my portions and the best way for me is to eat off a smaller plate. I’m not talking a tea-plate here, just a smaller-sized dinner plate. That way I don’t pile as much food on, yet I still feel like I’m eating a full meal!

Do you have any go-to, low calorie recipes that you pull out on a health kick?


2 thoughts on “Healthy Recipes

  1. Hi Amy! These recipes look delish! You know me – I’m a sucker for a cheesecake. Obsessed with this new cafe round the corner from my house – it’s a raw food cafe and everything is organic, dairy free and gluten free. I literally go every Saturday and Sunday for lunch 🙂 You should check out their recipes:

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