Shaytober Week 2

Shaytober is in full swing and I think its going well! I could be doing with a kick up the bum but other than that when I put my mind to going to the gym, I do it. I had a bit of a cheat day on Sunday as I spent the whole day baking (and obviously enjoyed the spoils) but I’m back on the wagon with my salads/soup for lunch and a healthy meal at dinner. I was so proud that last week I managed to run a full 2K without slowing my pace but that really knocked me for 6! This week my goal is to run/walk a 5K to see how long it takes me. If I can do it in under 32 minutes then I will be a happy girl!

So that’s my story for week 2. Let me know how you’re getting onFor now I will leave you with another motivational quote which I am quite enjoying…



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