Shaytober Week 3

Well would you look at that! Week 3 of Shaytober has just whizzed by! I’m gonna be totally honest with you guys and tell you that I only went to the gym once this week… I know what happened to my motivation? Well I actually do have a real excuse! I was on the treadmill and a mere 3 minutes into my run my calves seized up and I nearly fell off! I slowed right down and tried to walk it off but it just wasn’t happening and then a trainer came over and told me to get off before I hurt myself (in a much nicer way).

So that was the extent of my exercise regimen, but this week will be better! We are into the final stretch and although I know I won’t have met ANY of my original targets, I feel a whole lot better about myself and wasn’t that the whole point in the first place? I’m now over the first hurdle of getting back into a healthy lifestyle so I just need to keep it on track. I’ve learned that there’s no point in trying to deny myself the things that I very badly want, but if I keep it all in moderation then I’m good to go!

I’m hopeful that this week will be much more successful and I have a secret weapon! This weekend I was at the BBC Good Food Show with my mother and we happened upon a stand selling weight loss tea. Now, I have never put much stock into these things at all – there’s just not enough science in it for me – but I figured I would give it a go as I’m already doing Shaytober. You simply drink 2 cups of this ‘special’ tea per day and you miraculously loose a stone in a month… You can tell I’m sceptical right? Regardless, it can’t hurt and the tea tastes ok! If all else fails then it’s a nice hot drink to keep me cosy.

I don’t want to share the name of the tea in case it’s a total sham, but if I feel like it works you’ll be the first to hear about it! That’s it for this week’s round-up and as always I will leave you with another inspirational quote made with my favourite new app!



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