October Birchbox Review

It’s my favourite time of the month again – October’s Birchbox review!


I know I go on about it SO MUCH but I blooming love this company. Not only do they send out amazing products each month for a pretty reasonable price, but their online shop is very well stocked and their overall business model is genius!

Enough gushing, onto the review!

This month’s box is all about hero products and we were not disappointed with the selection of famous names…. The first product out of my box was the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser which I was excited to try out, but was a bit disappointed with it in the end. I’m having a bad skin month right now and this product is just wasted on my blemish-prone skin – I need some serious coverage! If I had received this before going away on holiday then I’m sure I would be singing it’s praises, but right now it’s a no-go.

Next we have some toothpaste from Ultra Dex and hair styling cream from KMS California. The toothpaste wasn’t for me I’m afraid but I did think that we teeth were slightly whiter after using it. The styling cream was alright when I had curled my hair, but on simple straight locks it was a bit of a miss – too heavy!

I’ve heard a lot about Dr Lipp and his nipple balm for lips and I have to say I was not disappointed. The thought of it kind of gives me the heebz but this is SO moisturising! This is going to be perfect when my lips inevitably become a cracked mess towards the end of the year!


One of my new favourite brands is The Balm cosmetics and I was so pleased that we received another product from them this month! Stainiac is a lip and cheek stain in a lush berry tone! It’s slightly too red for my own naturally rosy cheeks but on my lips it gives the perfect just-bitten finish.

Missing the skincare mark for me is the Dr Brant Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant. I was excited to try this but I just don’t think it’s any good for my skin. I gave it the good old college go but I just kept breaking out! Finally the last product in this month’s box was Egyptian magic all purpose skin cream. Once you warm this product up in your hands it transforms into an oil. I found that this product goes a long way and was very moisturising, especially for the colder months ahead so I will be stashing this away until then!

All in all I don’t really have a star product this month, but I was still very pleased with the overall box. Honestly one of the biggest perks for me is simply getting to try out brands that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to.

How did you feel about this month’s box? Leave me a comment down below or give up a shot on twitter!


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