Halloween Decorating

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you’re having a spook-tacular day filled with gore, gunge and ghouls!

Unfortunately as a semi-grown-up with zero children I cannot dress up on a whim and terrorise my street for chocolate. That doesn’t mean I can’t still take part in the day and this year I am committed to being the terrorised. My front porch is decked out with decals and there are 2 frightful pumpkins intimidating passers-by on my doorstep. This may seem like a bit of a cop-out to you folks across the pond who certainly do all Hallows Eve in style, but for the ‘burbs of Glasgow, this is as good as it gets!


Speaking of Pumpkins… HOW MUCH FUN IS PUMPKIN CARVING?! God it’s so satisfying and super easy I think! I simply printed off a couple of free templates (easy ones) and then drew them onto the face of the pumpkin, grabbed a knife and hacked away! The end result looks pretty profesh even if I do say so myself! Here they are in all they’re glory!

Extra points to whoever can name the spooky character and what movie they’re from on the left!

So tonight I will be peeking through my curtains waiting on a smattering of trick-or-treaters (we call them gysers in Scotland) with a big bowl of treats and a ghoulish grin!




Mr Oogie Boogie Man says Happy Halloween!
Frightful, non?

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