Shaytober Week 4

Well that’s it over… SHAYTOBER IS DONE!

How did I do?

Not great.

Am I disappointed?

A little.

This final update is a little on the late side so I hope you’ll forgive me! Unfortunately during the last leg of Shaytober I totally stopped going to the gym for 2 reasons. One was injury and the other was embarrassment and they go hand-in-hand. Let me tell you what happened… So there I was, beginning my work out on the treadmill and all of a sudden my calf seized up! I figured I hadn’t stretched it out properly to I took the time to do that AND THEN I feel this click-click-clicking coming from my knee! I ignore it for a while and carry on until it starts to get pretty uncomfortable. I persist until one of the trainers comes over and says pretty loudly “You better get off that treadmill before you hurt yourself or someone else.” I was a bit mortified to tell you the truth. Needless to say I haven’t been back and won’t be returning until the clicking has gone and the scarlet has resided from my cheeks.

In terms of healthy eating it’s been an average week if you discount the curry that Ian and I shared on Friday night! I also wanted to let you know a bit more about the weight-loss tea I was on about last week. If I’m perfectly honest I don’t think it’s ever going to help me lose weight, but I have noticed some other benefits… I’ve been taking it religiously twice a day and it has really helped with my digestion! I’ll leave it there without going into too much detail but considering one of the reasons that I’m in this state is because of stomach problems in the past, I am pretty pleased that I’ve found this tea thanks, in part, to Shaytober.

So let’s round up this month… Yes, I had such high hopes for Shaytober but it just didn’t work out that way! I’m glad I set myself the challenge though and if anything now that I have the ball rolling I’m much more likely to keep going to the gym and all that good stuff. This is not the end, it is only the beginning.



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