Quilting and Patchwork Class!


Howdy folks! If you read this post the other day then you might know that I’ve started a quilting and patchwork course at my local college! No, I’m not a pensioner… I just happen to enjoy a good craft! For my Birthday in August, Ian gave me my first sewing machine and since then I’ve been bashing my way through Youtube tutorials getting to grips with the thing. If you’re a regular follower of this blog then you might be aware of my efforts (like this, this and this). Now, I love me some Youtube and I think it’s an excellent resource for learning new skills but I wanted a bit more hands-on teaching. My friend Sam alerted me to this particular class and I signed up straight away!

I was extremely nervous when the start date came around. I’m ashamed to admit that I enquired about cancelling the class! When I found out I would lose all of my cash I decided to just put my big boy pants on and MAN UP! So what if I was the only one without a bus pass? SO WHAT if I was the only one who was sporting their original teeth. I’m a confident grown W-O-M-A-N and I can deal with this kind of new experience. I left work, drove to Burger King (Shaytober who?) and then made my way to the college.

In all honesty I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I arrived with my machine in one hand and my obnoxiously large sewing kit in the other and there were already 2 other people waiting. One was a girl a touch older than me and the other was, obviously, a pensioner. As the time marched on more people arrived and, guess what, the biggest demographic is the one which I belong to! The majority of the class is made up of people who did an introduction to patchwork class before this one so they already knew each other. I am one of 3 newbies and I didn’t feel at all nervous. Even when my bobbin ran out and I didn’t know how to put a new one back in (because Ian usually does that for me) a lovely classmate came to my rescue!

After leaving Uni and heading straight into the big bad world of office work it was lovely to be back in a classroom and learning again. This week we’re starting our first project – a Christmas table runner – and I’ve already got in mind a few Christmas gifts that I can whip up too! I took my first of what I believe will be MANY trips to my local fabric warehouse and what I can say right now that this new-found hobby is not cheap! For the table runner alone the fabric cost me £20 and that’s not including binding or all of the other bits and pieces that I’ll need!

Needless to say I’m so pleased that I’ve started this class and can’t wait to get my sewing on every week! Stay tuned for updates, I’m sure there’ll be plenty.


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