Sewing Tip 101: Lint Roller

Hello my pretties! Just a quickie today – I have an awesome sewing-related tip that I’ve come across. If you don’t already know, (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!) I have started a quilting class at my local college! I totes love it and have to refrain from raving about it to strangers on the street. One thing that irks me about it though is the sheer about of mess you accumulate in the course of an evening sewing! If it’s not tiny pieces of cut fabric it’s endless bits of thread. Without a word of a lie I have even found them in my hair from time to time. I can’t keep trying to pass them off as highlights so I took it upon myself to find a way to control the mess! Enter my new favourite tool… A lint roller.


This little gem is now a staple of my sewing kit. One quick sweep every so often and I have a clear workspace and a happy mind. They are really inexpensive too! I bought the one above from H&M for £1 but I know you can get a pack of 3 in Poundland for the same price. If you have any tips and tricks I would love to hear them 🙂


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