Cheap but Excellent Candles

I always have a few candles on the go in different rooms of my house and even more so now as it’s getting colder as they do give off some extra warmth! As we all know finding a candle with a great, potent scent as well as a decent burn time is a bit of a trial, right? Even if you do find this you can be sure that 9 times out of 10 it also goes for a hefty price. NO MORE MY FRIENDS. I’m here to share with you my extensive research into the seedy underworld that is candle-buying. I’m pleased to report that I have found (in my opinion) the holy grail of candles without the eye-watering price tag! And you might be surprised to find that I buy them in my local supermarket…

Cheap but excellent candles

I know, I can feel your scepticism, but hear me out! My candles of choice are made by brands synonymous with air freshener – Airwick and Glade. Seriously they make AMAZING candles! The scents are familiar and easy on the nostrils, and you’ll be hard pressed to find one with an average burn time of less than 30hrs.


I buy them in supermarkets for less than £3 whn they’re on offer and if I’m lucky I usually find them in B&M homestores for even less than that! These are large candles, so when something smaller will only do I head to TK Maxx and stock up on votive sized goodies from a company called Chesapeake Bay Candle.  I can attest that these beauties are fantastic! They have a longer-than-average burn time for votives and the scent selection is always well stocked and varied. I usually find a pack of these candles for between £4.99 and £9.99 depending on the pack size. I recently picked up the mulberry scent for my Christmas candle stash (don’t judge me).

So there you have it – my cheap but excellent candle finds! Do you have any budget candles which are worth a shout out?


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