Chritsmas Countdown: Christmas Planner



If you’re joining us for the first time, welcome! It’s lovely to have you here and what better time to visit than the most festive time of the year. I’m Amy and my blog, Boldly Gold, has been transformed into a winter wonderland! I’m so very excited for Christmas and my regular followers may notice a change or two on this here blog – yes I’ve embraced a Christmas theme! My house will be dressed up to the nines with Christmas cheer (and so will I), so it’s only right that my blog should get the same treatment!

If you read my post last week you will know that I’m blogging every day in the run up to Christmas, Advent if you will, with lots of festive goodness from crafts, recipes, gift guides, organisation tips and all of the other trimmings you would expect to find.

I thought it would be appropriate to focus on some organising for the first post. This time of year can be bloomin’ hectic and I find that a good list can help soothe those Christmas woes. This is not ground-breaking stuff people – I’m sure a lot of you have shopping lists coming out of your ears by this point. I’m talking about taking this ingrained organisational need to the next level. How do I do this? With a Christmas Planner.

I must be mental right? I don’t know, I might be. What I do know is that a planner of any-sorts helps me quell the anxiety that invariably accompanies this time of year. I have one place to dump my brain ramblings and then once it’s all there I can sort through everything and prioritise. I stumbled across this EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS PLANNER PRINTABLE by the lovely Angela over at A Typical English Home. The colours make me smile and she has really thought of everything! I printed one out for myself and popped it in a ring binder with a pencil case, a couple of polly-pockets and a notepad.

Let me tell one of the best bits about this particular printable… Did I mention that it’s free?? I’ve had a Christmas planner pinned on my Pinterest board FOR EVER but was hesitant to commit as it would cost me money and I’m cheap. I thought I could make my own, and I still stand by that assumption. The thing is that I can also be pretty lazy and I have a special aptitude for procrastinating. When this FREE PRINTABLE dropped into my blog reader it was like a gift from the Gods Santa.

There’s a list for every occasion and I just love the colours! If you’re in the market for a Christmas planner, put that money towards an ink cartridge, some cardstock and get to printing!


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