Christmas Countdown: It’s Tree Time

This post is part of my Christmas Countdown series and you can read the previous post here.

Yeah, I’m THAT guy who puts their tree up on the 1st of December… SUE ME.


To be completely honest with you the 1st of December was really the only time that I could put up the tree as Ian is working pretty much every weekend from now until Christmas. There’s no way in hell that I’m going up the loft so here we are; the first house on the street with not one, but 2 trees up. I regret nothing.


I love the thought of Christmas traditions! Last year was the first year that Ian and I lived together so I was all gung-ho about putting the tree up together with a Christmas movie on in the background. As I’m sure you will come to realise throughout the course of this countdown, it’s very rare that any of my ideas go to plan. This was highlighted especially when putting our tree up last year. I won’t go into all the details but I was called a Christmas Fascist one too many times for it to be taken as a joke. Apparently it’s not normal to have an equal number of baubles per colour on the tree? Who knew!

So this year I took a relatively relaxed attitude to the whole tree-trimming process in that I let Ian hang a few ornaments and then relieved him of his duties. This worked out for the best as I now have a tree that it perfect in my eyes and he managed to sneak a couple of hours of PC gaming time. Win-win I say 🙂


Now, I have seen some blogs who’s tree photos are worthy of magazines. You will find none of that here I’m afraid. Hopefully Santa will grace me with a new big-girl camera but until then you will have to squint a bit, tilt your head to the left and use your imagination to see the glory past my shameful photography.


Hey, if you can’t take a decent photo at least stick it in a editing app and call it a day, am I right?



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