Christmas Countdown: All Aboard the Gingerbread Train!

This post is part of my Countdown to Christmas Series and you can read the previous post here.


Last year was the first Christmas that Ian and I lived together so I started some traditions which I hope to continue for years to come. One of them was decorating a gingerbread house! In theory this is a lovely idea. I would bake the individual pieces and the smell of gingerbread is wafting thought the house. We gather round the table with a cup of mulled wine in hand, Nat King Cole is crooning a sweet tune. We playfully flick icing at each other and end up with a beautifully decorated gingerbread house…

In reality, it’s a disaster. Ian hates the smell of gingerbread for God’s sake! I don’t know how to make gingerbread which isn’t burnt so they whole thing comes out of a kit I bought from Hobbycraft. The icing is solid and hard to manoeuvre so there are splodges of icing in conspicuous places. Ian takes too long thinking the structure though, I shout at him for being dosey and then he refuses to attach any gumdrop buttons to the people as he’s “against buttons in general.” My mulled wine is cold and I’m in a huff.

Even after all of this I still had the urge to have a gingerbread house on display. I just love the way they look! So, on a recent trip to Hobbycraft I picked one up. Only it wasn’t a gingerbread house, it’s a gingerbread train! I decided to forget all of the pretences and simply asked Ian if he wanted to give me a hand. He politely declined, obviously still haunted by last year’s effort, so I got to work. I had a LARGE glass on gin, some pretzels and I pottered away for an hour building basically the Ikea version of a gingerbread locomotive. Ian stopped by a few times, in between doing his own thing, to admire my work and stole a few gumdrops, the chancer that he is!

20131210-101318.jpgIt’s not perfect but I love it 🙂 and it’s probably a tradition that I will keep up. It was lovely to get lost in this project while I knew Ian was there enjoying himself too. It just goes to show that no matter how hard you try to make things movie-perfect, real life is just so much better.



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