Christmas Countdown: Christmas Card Stamp

This post is part of my Countdown to Christmas Series and you can read the previous post here.

I have to admit that one of my least favourite Christmas traditions is writing Christmas cards. My handwriting is passable but after a while I get sloppy and end up making a mistake or smudging the ink. NO MORE MY FRIENDS. If you feel the same way and dread spending night-upon-night in a Christmas card vortex then take my advice and invest in a Christmas Card Stamp!


Honestly, this thing is a God-send! I got mine last year and I’ve busted it out again to whiz through my Christmas card list in no time. This particular stamp is the Trodat Professional 5211*and it couldn’t be easier to use! I simply wrote down (in my neatest handwriting) what I wanted it to stamp and voila! A perfect copy every time! The only people who don’t get the stamp treatment are my immediate family as I like to write something a bit more personal to them.


Is it sad that I get excited about using this? I managed to complete my stack of Christmas cards in 15 minutes… Someone alert the Guinness Book of Records!!!

*In the interests of being totally honest, I will say that I used to work for this company but my opinion is 100% truthful and I would definitely invest in this bad boy if I didn’t already have one. That’s how much I hate writing Christmas cards.



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