Christmas Countdown: Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Exchange

Remember a few weeks ago, before the madness of my Christmas Countdown, where I shared with you that I was taking part in the Craftaholics Anonymous Christmas Gift Exchange? Well I did it! It’s all over! The fat lady has sung! My gift has been delivered and I received a gift in return! Let’s go into a little bit more detail…

I was paired up with the lovely Courtney who is a USA expat living in Germany. You should definitely go and check out her blog – she is a very talented lady! We chatted back and forth for a while getting to know each other’s style and I formed an idea in my head of something she might like to receive.

We’ve kept in touch over Facebook and posted our gifts to each other at roughly the same time. I picked mine up the other day (hers was delayed due to the snow) and this is what I was treated to…


Can you believe it! What a beautiful (and extensive) gift! I can’t get over how gorgeous this cushion cover is… Even Ian commented on how well made it is! He never does that with my stuff…  Also, how cute is this snowman mitt! It’s now hanging on the door of my craft room and I smile every time I see it 🙂


Courtney remembered that I have a serious obsession with Reeces Peanut Butter cups and in my box I found a tonne of them! Enough to get me through Christmas at least!


I honestly can’t get over this little package called “For your Mistletoes.” I DIE WITH THE CUTENESS! A homemade sugar footscrub with an Essie nail polish to boot! I’m a lucky girl!


I just want to say thank you to Courtney for being such a kind and generous gift partner!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown: Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Exchange

  1. how did i never see this post?! geez… i love that you posted such kind words about the gift i sent last year!! 🙂 i tried signing up this year, but i never got a response, so i’m bummed! i’m not sure what happened. boo! can’t wait to see what you made this year!! we use your pillow on the couch every day! i {heart} my tartan!!

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