Christmas Countdown: Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Please forgive my sporadic communications! I may only directly contact you once a year but be assured that you are in my thoughts most of the time. I love your work, by the way. You really did pull it out the bag last year was – truly spectacular – and you made this little girl very happy!

I would like the take this opportunity to register this wish list with your commerce department. As you well know I have achieved ‘good girl’ status for the 23rd year in a row and to reflect this accomplishment I would like to request the following items as compensation:


  1. Canon EOS 600D SLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens Kit
  2. Some form of trip/spa day
  3. Assorted Reece’s Pieces
  4. Kitchen Scales
  5. Pyjamas

I agree that the above list is a bit of a mish-mash but a girl wants what she wants. I hope the elves are well and please pass on my regards to Mrs Clause.

Merry Christmas

Love Amy



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