Christmas Countdown: How to Wrap a Bottle

I don’t know about you but I totally grudge buying bottle bags. 9 times out of 10 they look tacky and then minute you’re given that bag you know exactly what it is! Don’t get me wrong, I always appreciate wine but when I give it as a gift, I wrap it like a boss.


‘But wrapping a bottle is awkward and time consuming’ I hear you cry! Well, my internet friends I happen to have a fool proof way to wrap a bottle which will be sure to win you extra brownie points. I imagine it even takes less time than going to the shops, trying to find the least offensive bottle bag, and then battling the crowds to the till.


Cut off a section of wrapping paper – there’s no exact size but I think it’s safe to go with a piece which is 2x the length of your bottle. Place the bottle on the bottom right-hand corner of the paper at about a 45degree angle.

Start rolling your bottle up in the paper! Keep the paper taught and roll until you’re about 1/3 away from the end of the piece.

Take the top right-hand corner and fold this to the edge of the bottle. This should create a point facing the top left-hand corner.

Keep rolling (rolling, rolling)… And then once you get to the end, secure the point to the bottle with some tape (I use double-sided).

Take some ribbon, tie a bow around the top of the bottle to secure it and then you’re done! How easy was that!


Now you have a simple gift which looks a bit more thoughtful! Here’s to no more bottle bags (unless it’s an absolute emergency)!


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