Boldly Gold is now on Facebook!


Yessireee, I have finally given in to the fact that every successful blog needs to have a Facebook presence.  If I want to make this self hosting malarky happen I need to grow my audience, yo! So why have I only just joined Facebook as a blogger? Well I always knew that if I crossed that Facebook line, it would become open to all of the people I know in real life, not just my internet friends (can anyone else hear Knife Party?) I’m now ready to break down that barrier and make one big Boldly Gold family 🙂 If you’re joining me here from the first time, welcome 🙂 You may be one of my personal Facebook friends who I have spammed with page invites, and for that I am sorry but it is for the greater blogging good!

Not quite sure what Boldly Gold is? Well let me give you a quick breakdown… In 2013 I claimed this little piece of the internet to abuse on the regular. It began as a place where I simply posted pictures of my nails but oh boy has it grown! You can now find pictures, tutorials & general patter about of all my crafty endeavours, from patchwork quilts to melted crayon canvases, as well as pictures of my nails! I’ve also been know to post the odd beauty review on occasion. Really it’s just a big mash-up of my weird 20-something-make-up-lover-with-the-hobbies-of-a-pensioner lifestyle… ENJOY!

Can’t get enough? I’m also going steady with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Bloglovin 🙂


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