Happy Birthday Boldly Gold


I can’t actually begin to believe that this little space of the internet has belonged to me for a whole year! Who would have thought that I would have A) kept something up for that length of time and B) found some wonderful people who were willing to follow my exploits!

To recognise this hearty achievement I decided to put together a small round up of my favourite (and most popular posts) from the past year. It’s a happy coincidence that this 1 year anniversary comes around in January (can anyone smell a resolution) so I think it’s pretty fitting! Sit back, relax and I hope you will enjoy The Best of Boldly Gold (Year 1)…

crayon art

My most popular post by far has been the DIY Melted Crayon Art. I would like to take a moment to thank Pinterest for their help with this one – it’s been Pinned hundreds of times and that funny little sight is my biggest source of traffic! In all honesty this canvas is still leaning against the wall waiting to be put up in the house… One day…

chevron canvas

My second most popular post was my go at making a chevron canvas. Guys, I love this bad boy (another shout out to Pinterest for their continued support) but unfortunately it has also fallen into the ‘leaning against a wall waiting to be hung’ trap. 2014 is the year of decorating my damn house!

Ski Barbie

I could keep going down the list of my most popular posts, but that may be a bit boring! So now we come to some of my personal favourites starting with one from WAY back in February – Skiing with my beloved! It may not be the best post in the whole wide world but t brings back such great memories and makes me smile every time I look at the pictures!

uni year 2

Keeping with the nostalgic theme, I spent September reminiscing to my amazing University days. If you choose to read just one of the posts I talk about here, please make it this one 🙂

sweing and patchwork class

2013 was also a year of firsts – namely learning how to sew and trying to get fit! I also took on a couple of blogging series based on moving house in September and more recently my Christmas Countdown in December. My post about getting an eyeshadow palette for 80p was retweeted by El from A Thrifty Mrs and finally my last favourite post of the year has to be my chevron side tables. Told you I love a chevron!

Christmas CountdownDIY Chevron Tables before and after

It’s been a cracking year and I can only hope for it all to continue in 2014! There will be a few exciting updates to come in the year ahead (namely going self hosted) so please stick around – the fun is just beginning!

I just want to say a huge thank you to every single one of you out there reading this. If if weren’t for you I probably wouldn’t be as committed to this blog so THANK YOU VERY MUCH for keeping me sane!

P.S. Look out for another exciting first for Boldly Gold coming later in the month (HINT! It’s a give-away!!)

P.P.S. As an extra special treat here is a link to my earliest blog post for your amusement


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