E.L.F Make Up Haul

elf makeup haul header image

I finally caved and ordered my first supply from E.L.F make-up and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. I signed up to their newsletter a while back and they’re forever giving out discounts and free delivery codes so I put my big girl pants on and ordered up! I know you’re dying to hear about what I bought and I’m all about pleasing the masses so here you go!


Glam Holiday Festive Beauty Book £4

I chose this bad boy due to all of the lovely neutral tones. They are mostly shimmer shadows so are pretty easy to blend and the colour pay off is pretty good for 8p per colour!

concealer 1

Concealer 2

Complete Coverage Concealer in Light £3.75

I love multi-tone concealers and I’m looking for one to replace my current Soap & Glory staple. This is unfortunately not it. It’s waaaaay too oily in texture for me and stayed put for all of 30mins.

brow kit

browkit 1

Eyebrow Kit in Light £3.75

It’s a sad day when the product you love is about to run out and payday is so far away that there is no conceivable way of purchasing it’s expensive replacement. That’s why I was drawn to this offering. I think it’s a pretty good dupe for Benefit Browzings at a fraction of the price! The powder is a little light but I do like a heavy brow. So far so good!

shadow quads

Brightening Eye Colour quads in Nouveau Neutrals and Brownstone 75p each

As far as I know these buties are still in the sale so I would snap them up lickity-split! The pigment is much deeper than the beauty book above and for the price I think this is an amazing deal! Go buy them now!

brush cleaner

Daily Brush Cleaner £3.75

I have been eyeing up the MAC brush cleaner for as long as I can remember but grudge spending £10 on something I might not even use. After using this ELF dupe I am now happy to say that I am a convert! I still don’t think I would buy the MAC formula but this one is totally in my price range and the benefit of extending time between full brush cleansing by 1 full week is just too good an opportunity to pass up!

All in all I’m pretty pleased with my first E.L.F haul. Also can you tell that I’m trying my damnedest to use my new camera! Progress is slow but steady and I would love to know what you think of the new pictures! Any tips you may have about photographing products would be appreciated!


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