Cath Kidston SEW! and DIY Bag

For Christmas I was gifted the Cath Kidston Collection of books and last weekend I busted them out to make the free bag which came with the set!


I read through the instructions and realised that I didn’t really understand a word of it! After furiously Googling the answer to my dilemma(s) I realised a couple of things; 1. This book is excellent for inspiration, and the pictures are gorj, but the explanations could do with some fleshing out and 2. I must be the most stupid person on the internet because everyone else seemed to get on fine with it. Figures.

I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for YouTube (this video in particular) I would have never figured out how to make the thing! The bag in the video isn’t the one I was trying to make but the idea was there so I just merged both methods into one to make my own custom Cath Kidston fabric design!

in the end I never used all of the pre-cut pieces and chose to use some fabric I had on hand to make a lining for the bag. I used the original method to make the strap which included me trying my first buttonhole!

Button hole boss.

All things considered I think it turned out really well! It’s not really a bag that I would personally use but it looks cute hanging around in my lair craft room. 


The Sew! book is certainly full of inspiration and I have bookmarked at least 10 projects that I want to try out. Thankfully we live in the age of the internet where answers to every conceivable crafty question are just a few clicks away.


4 thoughts on “Cath Kidston SEW! and DIY Bag

  1. I got Cath Kitdstons ‘Coming up Roses’ book for Christmas which is really interesting to see how she developed her business. What would we do without internet to look up instructions though- I am always doing this for help on sewing/knitting patterns!

    1. Well done you! I LOVE the look of the peg bags but I want to make some of the floor cushions 🙂 I figure if I start now then they might be done in time for summer!

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