Best Nail Polish Collab Ever? Deborah Lippmann and True Blood

Deborah lippman and true blood nail polish

If ever there was a picture that showcased my passions in life, it would be the one above. Nail polish AND True Blood… you know I’m gonna be all up in that.

For Christmas my gorj friend Sam gave me this lush set of polishes – she totally gets me! I would have loved them even if there was no reference to one of my FAVOURITE TV programmes but the fact is that these colours are beautiful.

DLTB polish1

Chubby fingers aside – can you see the beauty of this colour combo. The taupe base, Human Nature,  is much lighter than you think it will be and the glitter topcoat is so fine, it’s like fairy dust – Oh wait, that’s exactly what it’s called! I will tell you one thing – this was an absolute bugger to photograph! The glitter made almost every picture blurry so this was the best that I could do.

Deborah lippmann and trueblood fairy dust human nature

As the polishes are by nail mastermind, Deborah Lippmann, you can only imagin how great the formula is! The drying time for the glitter is a bit longer than usual but that just means I have an excuse to not do the dishes for longer. I’m not sure where this collab spawned from but I’m sure glad of it! In my mind Sookie is more of a plain nails girl who slicks on a coat of fast-drying red 5 minutes before heading to Fangtasia, but she would be a fool not to appreciate this duo!

DLTB polish2
Again, sorry for those chubby fingers

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