My Favourite Hand Creams

my favourite hand creams

Is it just me who’s hands become almost reptilian during colder months? If you’re in the same boat, or you just really like looking at creams (behave), then this post might just be right up your street. I was cleaning out my handbag the other day and discovered that I was carrying about 4 DIFFERENT HAND CREAMS WITH ME AT ALL TIMES. No wonder I’m developing a hunch worthy of Quasimodo! There is absolutely no need to carry all of them around with me so they are now scattered about my house and workplace where they belong. Anyway, I thought I would share my weird hand cream obsession with the world and give you my thoughts on this ungodly stash!

Soap and glory hand food

First up we have Hand Food by Soap and Glory (£5 boots). This is an excellent hand cream and smells wonderful, although it might be a bit overpowering for some. It absorbs pretty quickly although it sometimes leaves my hands a bit greasy.

Mellor & Russell Macadamia Oil Hand and Nail Cream

I found this Mellor&Russell Macadamia Oil Hand and Nail Cream (£1 Poundland) a while back and quickly went back for a 2nd bottle when I realised how much I liked it. Although not my favourite, for £1 it’s a pretty good deal. It smells fine although it does take a little bit longer to dry than the others.

hemp hand protector

I was given this tube for Christmas although I already have a spare in my desk at work as this is my favourite hand cream for really dry hands. Hemp Hand Protector (Reduced now from £5 to £2.50 The Body Shop) is a favourite of many nurses and medical professionals (so I’m told) as it remedies the dryness that’s left after lots of anti-bac gel use. This is a heavy duty, thick cream which absorbs surprisingly well. I quite like the smell of if, it’s quite woody (oooh err) and the tube lasts forever!

clarins hand and nail cream

Finally my holy grail, the Clarins Hand and Nail Cream (£16 Escentual £20 everywhere else). If I could bathe in this stuff I probably wood! It smells lovely, absorbs beautifully and leaves no grease whatsoever. It’s obviously the most expensive of the 4 but I do think it’s worth it! This is the only one which will be remaining in my bag, ready to go at all times – it’s like the Maverick of the hand cream world.

Do you have a favourite hand product or are your mitts baby smooth? Maybe you’re more of an anti-bac fiend? Indulge my weirdness and leave your answers in the comments down below 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and if you feel like you need more Boldly Gold goodness then feel free to hit me up on TwitterFacebookGoogle+Pinterest and now TUMBLR because I LOVE BEING STALKED. If that wasn’t enough, you can also add Boldly Gold to your favourite blog reader so you never miss a minute! I highly recommend Bloglovin. If you do decide to follow any of the links above (you clever cookie) then please leave a comment below and I will be sure to return the favour!


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Hand Creams

  1. Oh good post! I was just going to look up extra-moisturizing hand creams because my fingers are peeeeeeling and it’s so ugh! I don’t know if I can find the first two in Canada but I’ll be on the look out for the Body Shop and Clarins ones. 😀

  2. I am a hand cream hoarder! I have eczema on my hands so I try to get all the moisture I can. I really want to get the body shop one. I was just looking at it the other day! Love your blog by the way!

  3. I have the body shop hemp one and I do like it! I always forget to use hand cream though. My hands mainly get really dry on a weekend when I’m at work, but during the week they seem to be fine xD

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