Glorious Garden Furniture

Can you feel it? My bones are singing so that can only mean that the nicer weather is just around the corner! As we moved into our house in October last year we never got to see the benefits of having an actual garden and I for one simply can’t wait to buy some glorious garden furniture!

I feel like it’s worth investing in some good quality garden furniture, especially living in Scotland where it will probably be bashed by every element in the space of a single day! Saying that, ‘good quality’ seems to be synonymous with ‘hefty price tag’ so I set myself a challenge of finding some garden glam on a budget. I had a shifty at the selection on the John Lewis website and I found some gorgeous things that I just can’t wait to snap up!garden furniture

How cute are those deck chairs! I have the perfect spot in mind for them in my garden and I can just see myself slouched in one engrossed in a good book on a summers afternoon.

I’ve bought a few things from John Lewis over the years, (have you seen their haberdashery department? SWOON!) and I have always found the quality to be really durable. The fact that I can get all of the things above for under £130 frankly just gets me quite excited! Here’s a little cheat sheet so you can go and have a look yourself:

Who doesn’t want to be sitting in their back garden, chillin’ like a villain in a comfortable deckchair with an iced mojito served in a colourful glass? Also the parasol will be a god-send for those of us who want a little respite from the rays without giving up that chic seat. I can almost taste the sunshine!

*This is a sponsored post. All views expressed are my own.*

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